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One injured after suspected Al Shabaab attack Kenya Red Cross vehicle

Red Cross vehicle/FILE

One Kenya Red Cross Society employee has been injured after people believed to be Al Shabaab militia ambushed a vehicle she was traveling in.

The vehicle was attacked just minutes after dropping a group of Kenya Red Cross volunteers who are undertaking a cash transfer program in a local village in the County.

The injured was rushed to Malindi Tawfiq hospital where she is receiving medication.

The vehicle was ambushed in Ruqa village after it had dropped a group of volunteers assisting with a cash transfer program being undertaken by Red Cross in the area.

The driver of the vehicle Daniel Jillo says when he heard a loud bang he thought it was a tyre burst only for a bullet to shatter the vehicle’s windscreen forcing him to make u turn despite a hail of bullets

The driver said he was forced to go back for those he had dropped and fled towards Masalani before his vehicle got stuck.

Another Red Cross vehicle in the area came to their rescue rushing the injured lady to Masalani Sub County hospital before being referred to Malindi.

In a statement, Kenya Red Cross Secretary General Abbas Gullet termed the attack as unfortunate, targeting people who selflessly serve the respective communities in the area.

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