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EXPERT COMMENT: Face it, Parliament has failed miserably in oversight

President Uhuru Kenyatta addresses a past Parliamentary session. /FILE


Former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale

If Parliament were effective, we would have oversight. As soon as the Public Accounts and Investments committees finish their reports, they should make recommendations to the DCI, EACC and the DPP.

The reason cases are delayed is that Parliament has failed. Parliament should give those persons audited an opportunity to appear before it to clarify issues.

When Parliament finds issues to be investigated, they refer to the DCI, EAAC and DPP. Our MPs should accept the current Parliament is failing at oversight.

Instead of waiting for Parliament to conclude its work, the DCI, DPP and EACC should go through the Auditor General’s reports and take stern action.

When I chaired the Public Accounts Committee I was looking at two financial year reports in every sitting. I reduced the backlog.

The current backlog is so bad that Parliament is still working on reports from 2013 and 2014.

And this is 2018! To make matters worse, in the few cases they are working on, we have heard reports of massive bribery. People are buying reports that favour them.

Kenyans should accept that people get the leaders they deserve. Don’t forget you voted for them. Stop voting for people because they are rich. Today we have celebrities in Parliament flashing big money.

Parliament should bite the bullet and accept that they’re a letdown. They should at least do something to earn their money.

Parliament’s oversight is critical. However, we see some receive bribes and peddle rumors. Instead of addressing issues and talking in Parliament, they talk about them in public.

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For example, after MPs were reportedly bribed to kill the sugar report, they came out in public to defend themselves.

But all is not lost. The President’s anti-corruption efforts are commendable. The DPP has done very well. Only Chief Justice David Maraga is worrying us.

What the DCI and DPP have done can only be meaningful if the Judiciary can convict. Why can’t Maraga set deadlines so a corruption case can be concluded in four weeks?

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