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Uganda:Man strangles pregnant woman, buries her in pit

Background. Children of the deceased, who witnessed the incident from a hideout, reported to their father and local leaders.

A 35-year-old man in Gulu District in Uganda is on the run after reportedly killing a pregnant woman and burying her body in a shallow pit.

Jacqueline Labol, 26, was reportedly strangled on Tuesday morning at her home in Omel A village, Omel Sub-county.

The sub-county chairperson, Ms Prossy Auma, told Daily Monitor, a local newspaper on Wednesday that the deceased was the assailant’s paternal aunt.

Ms Auma said the deceased was packing charcoal at a nearby garden when she saw someone enter her hut.

But on following up, she encountered the intruder exiting with her hand bag and other belongings.


“We got reports that the deceased called her attacker by name, grabbed her belongings from him but he attacked, overpowered and killed her,” Ms Auma said.

She said the man then moved to a nearby home, got a spade and mattock, dug a shallow pit and buried the body, only 50 metres away from the deceased’s hut.

Ms Auma said the children of the deceased, who had not gone to school that day, witnessed the incident from their hideout and later reported it to their father and local leaders in the evening.

“The children narrated what happened to their father. They later followed footmarks of the assailant as he dragged the body to the pit where they found her body buried,” she said.

Ms Auma added that the suspect has since broken into two homes and looted a chicken, goat and posho.

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Ms Auma said the deceased was three months pregnant at the time of her death.

Aswa Region police spokesperson Jimmy Patrick Okema said the suspect used a bicycle tyre tube to strangle the deceased.

Mr Okema said police retrieved the body and took it to Gulu Regional Referral Hospital morgue, pending a postmortem.

“We are calling on the family members of the deceased to be calm as police carry out investigations,” he said.

The deceased is survived by a widower and four children.

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