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Jicho Pevu is back:Exposes the rot in government

Former investigate journalist, currently Nyali MP Mohammed Ali releases new episode of Jicho Pevu named #DuniaGunia/COURTESY

Former KTN lead investigative journalist Mohammed Ali alias Moha Jicho Pevu has released a snippet of his all new Jicho Pevu which will feature the brutal murder of Chris Msando, Raila Odinga swearing in, Extra Judicial Killings, politics of betrayal and RailaUhuru handshake in an exposé named #DuniaGunia.

After meeting activist Boniface Mwangi on October 15, the first time Nyali MP said that he needed the public to rally behind him in order to expose the rot in government especially in parliament where he doesn’t seem to have allies since it’s an auction house.

In a post on his official social media handles the Nyali MP confirmed the #DuniaGunia episode will reveal deep secrets surrounding the unresolved murder of Chris Musando the then ICT director at the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) just two weeks before the 8th August 2017 general election.

However Moha who is trying to go back to his old days says no TV channel wants to air it. He promised to release the episode to the public through various public forums like Facebook and Youtube.

He says the exposé is part of his work that he has been working on since he was elected to parliament.

Activist Boniface Mwangi (left) and Nyali MP Mohammed Ali/COURTESY

After their meeting, Mwangi exposed in details of the meeting and Moha’s intentions:

“What Moha desperately wants is allies to work with and expose the rot within Parliament and in the Government. He said Kenyans deserve to know the truth, but he can’t fight alone. He said he has seven lawsuits pending in court, as a result of mentioning the names of companies involved in NYS 2. He can’t find even five MPs to work with, inside Parliament, to expose the rot. The few non-corrupt MPs, Moha said, mind their own business, stay away from national politics and focus on their constituencies. They won’t work with him. There are 10 other independently elected MPs, but they have aligned politically with either Uhuru or Raila. – Boniface Mwangi revealed.

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Lessons learned in his first year in parliament? In a nutshell, Mohamed Ali depressed me. We don’t have a Parliament, but an auction house. Moha wants to talk. He has done his first Jicho Pevu exposé since he was elected; it’s called #DuniaGunia. l watched the trailer. Our media doesn’t want to screen it, though. He told me about the stories of bribery in Parliament and how parliamentary journalists must be bribed to write certain stories. Almost every single MP is corrupt and he said he finds himself totally isolated.”–  Boniface Mwangi added.

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