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Mexico: Couple found with body parts, could have killed 20

Police in Mexico are investigating a couple arrested for transporting body parts in a pram in connection with at least 10 murders.

At a hearing following his arrest, the man whose name has been given as Juan Carlos reportedly confessed to killing 20 women in a suburb of Mexico City.

The man also admitted raping some of his women victims and selling some of their body parts and belongings, said state prosecutor Alejandro Gomez of Mexico state.

Investigators have found body parts in the couple’s flat and at another nearby property.

They were kept in buckets filled with cement and in a fridge.

Prosecutors say the couple sold the body parts but it is not clear to whom.

Murders of women are common in Mexico and often go unpunished, but the gruesome details of this case have caused outrage and triggered street protests in Ecatepec, the poor suburb in Mexico state where they occurred.

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