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Migori senatorial by-election

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The Migori Senate race is seen as a two-horse race betweenOchillo Ayacko of ODM and Eddy Oketch of Federal Party of Kenya.

Other candidates are Mr Jobando, Solomon Hodo Rugaria (People’s Democratic Party), Samwel Otieno (independent) and Dickson Ogolla (independent).

In some stations there was delay of voter identification gadgets.

Low voter turnout was witnessed in many poling stations across the county.

But election officials said they have been managing the challenges with electoral commissioner Abdi Guliye warning it is too early to quantify the turnout.

“You can only make accurate judgements of turn out from 3pm,” Mr Guliye said, angered by reports indicating voter apathy.

At Kowiti Primary School polling station in Suna East, less than 100 voters had cast their ballots by 11am, an official told Mkarimu.

The situation was the same across the county.

Election malpractice

The Federal Party of Kenya candidate, Mr Eddy Oketch, alleged electoral malpractices in the polls soon after casting his ballot at Migori Primary School.

Mr. Oketch, a big challenger to Mr. Ayacko claimed ODM party leaders from outside the county were bribing voters in order to vote for Mr Ayacko.

“They have brought a lot of confusion in this exercise through bribery and intimidation. I ask IEBC to take action,” Mr Oketch told the media soon after casting his vote at the Migori Primary School.

At Anindo polling station in Awendo, police officers had to shield a man they claimed was a plain-clothed police officer after angry residents attacked him, saying he was bribing voters.

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Migori has been notorious for violence during campaigns and elections.

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