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Treasury disburses Sh.1.4billion to pay maize farmers

CS Henry Rotich Photo/File

Treasury CS Henry Rotich on Saturday confirmed that the government had disbursed Sh1.4 billion to NCPB to pay farmers from Monday.

He said 95 per cent of those who supplied maize to the board were confirmed to be genuine farmers after vetting and deserved to be paid.

On Friday, Devolution CS Eugene Wamalwa said 514 small scale farmers out of the 900 who have been vetted will be given priority during payment.

The small scale farmers are owed less than Sh2 million.

Wamalwa said 1,154 farmers collected claim forms but only 1,140 returned them for verification.

The CS said 226 farmers will be investigated further.
On Saturday, Rotich said he was aware that Senators and MPs were pushing for reforms in the agricultural sector but that this must involve all stakeholders.

He said while agriculture had been devolved, the government still played a role in formulating the necessary policies for the sector.

On the issue of taxation, Rotich said Kenyans should be ready to help the country grow economically.

He said although the cost of living had gone up, the government was working to ensure that inflation remains under control.

Rotich urged traders not take advantage of the 8 per cent taxation on fuel by unnecessarily hiking the prices of commodities and services.

“We know some people have already taken advantage to hike prices but that is not being patriotic at all,” he said.


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