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Trump set to meet North Korea’s Kim on denuclearisation

It is unclear when and where Trump and Kim will hold a meeting (File: Reuters)

South Korean President Moon Jae-in announced North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has requested to hold another summit with US President Donald Trump soon in order to move along Pyongyang’s process of denuclearisation.

US has been insisting on unilateral and complete denuclearisation, but North Korea demands ‘simultaneous’ action to be met.

On Thursday, Al Jazera reported Moon hinted he is aware of Kim’s demands of Trump, but he refused to give details saying the matter should be discussed between the US and North Korean leaders.

Among possible Pyongyang demands is full withdrawal of about 28,500 American forces from South Korea, along with its vast battery of advanced weaponry and nuclear weaponry.

It also demand permanent end to “provocative” military exercises between the US and South Korea, which North Korea says amount to invasion practice.

Another demand could be the US officially ending the Korean War.

On Thursday, Moon announced the two Koreas wish to make a declaration formally concluding the 1950-53 conflict by the end of 2018.

As a concession to the US, Pyongyang refrained from displaying its most advanced ballistic missiles earlier this month.

Trump’s demands
According to reports, the Trump administration has insisted that North Korea take a unilateral, complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearisation, known as CVID.

So far, there are no indications that Pyongyang has agreed to such demand.

The North Koreans said they want both sides to take a series of simultaneous steps as a “shortcut” to a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula.

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Will it be possible for US to meet Pyongyang demands?

In August, Trump said he believed North Korea had taken specific steps towards denuclearisation, indicating his willingness to hold another meeting with Kim.

The US president, however, did not give details about what specific steps North Korea had already taken to justify a second meeting.

UN nuclear inspectors are also not allowed into North Korea, so Trump’s claim cannot be independently verified.

On Wednesday, during a summit that brought two Koreas together, North Korea said it is “prepared” to “permanently” close down one of its main ballistic missile facilities in the presence of foreign experts.

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