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Racist attack should be condemned for good relations

Liu Jiagi a Chinese national who made derogatory remarks about Kenyans

There has been a public uproar over the video that went viral recently in which a Chinese national was shown making derogatory remarks about Kenyans and their leadership.

Liu Jiagi on a video was referring to Kenyans including President Uhuru Kenyatta as monkeys among other insults.

Mr Liu was either arrested on Wednesday night and is being processed for deportation on racism grounds according to the Immigration Department and his work permit has been cancelled.

Majority of Kenyans called for the punishment of the individual over sentiments he made.

Racism and stereotyping has been a major issue across the globe that should be condemned in the current world. A thought of one individual should not be allowed to sully the good relations and benefits countries get from each other.

China and Kenya share a large portion in the trading sector with Kenya importing labour from China basically on technology.

A number of Chinese companies, largely in the manufacturing and construction sectors, are active in Kenya and nearly all have contracted Kenyans as their employees.

Few days ago President Uhuru Kenyatta led a strong Kenyan delegation to Beijing and signed a number of agreements with his hosts, a development which is expected to further deepen relations between Kenya and China

The two countries are interdependent although we have to admit that there exist cultural, economic and historical differences.

There is always the temptation to heap the faults and failures of one individual on a whole community or race. Both Kenyans and Chinese and all people across the world must actively resist this path as it can only lead to unrest and disengagement.

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An ideal shared working and even living environment calls for sensitivity to each other’s socio-cultural predilections, besides being truthful and candid in our conversations with each other. And such conversations must be regular and structured.

Most importantly, it is imperative that each side listens and learns from each other for the mutual benefit of all.

We should not let rabid stereotyping to rule our mind in the current world.

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