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Will Wangamati survive impeachment?


Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati


It remains that Wycliffe Wangamati a western Kenya governor faces a possible ouster after Members of County Assembly signed a petition to kick him out of office.

The agitated MCAs stormed the Bungoma County boss office on Tuesday lamenting the governor’s delay in implementation of projects and poor development record.

The local lawmakers snubbed a special sitting of the Assembly on Wednesday, September 12, paralysing the intended approval of the names of chief officers and other county staff for vetting.

At least 42 out of 63 MCAs had signed a petition to impeach Wangamati which has reached the required threshold.

The move came barely a day after the MCAs took to the streets to protest over what they termed as a poor development record by Wangamati.

Bungoma MCAs protesting to force governor out of office

It remains that Kennedy Lusaka the Senate Speaker and Wycliffe Wangamati the Bungoma County boss are political rivals and there is a dilemma how Lusaka will handle the case when it reaches him.

For a governor to be impeached it requires two-thirds of all MCAs to support a notice presented to the County Assembly Speaker.

It is clear the notice has met the required threshold after 42 of the MCAs appended their signatures.

The county Speaker is then expected to inform Speaker of the Senate within two days.

After receiving the notice the Senate may through a resolution appoint an 11-member committee to investigate the matter in line with the County Governments Act.

The committee is expected to report back to the Senate within 10 days on whether the allegations against the governor have weight or not.

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During the committee’s investigations, the governor is then accorded time to defend himself, a report which would be used by the senators to make a decision.
Should majority of the senators vote for the governor’s removal, the county boss then ceases to hold the office.

It remains to be seen how Lusaka will handle the matter once it reaches his office bearing in mind the two are political rivals.

Wangamati beat Lusaka during the 2017 polls and thereafter Lusaka became senate Speaker.

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