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17 million Kenyans live below poverty line

At least 17.4 million Kenyans are living below Sh92.4 per day according to latest World Bank report.

This is below the International Poverty Line currently set at Sh191.33 (US$ 1.90) per person per day.

In 2005, 21.19 million Kenyans lived under poverty line.

Neighbouring Tanzania has 20.7 million of its population living below Sh54.98, while 17.3 million Ugandans also live below the poverty line, spending Sh65.14 per person per day.

The Banks-Kenya Poverty and Equity Brief shows that only 8.8 million Kenyans are able to spend Sh267.5 a day without feeling the pinch. They are classified to live above the Upper Middle Income Class Poverty line.

Data from Tanzania and Uganda showed that 17.9 million Tanzanians and 6.5 million Ugandans can comfortably spend Sh159.15 and Sh188.57 a day respectively.

Only 18.4 million Kenyans are considered to live above the lower middle income class poverty line. This means that they are able to comfortably spend Sh155.7 per day.

The report further classified 23.9 million of Tanzania’s population under the Lower Middle Income class for their ability to spend Sh92.59 a day compared to Uganda’s 13.9 million that spend Sh109.71 per day.

It means that these populations are unable to buy sufficient food to meet the recommended daily nutritional requirements for being healthy and to afford minimal non- food expenditures.

Food security, low levels of education attainment,access to improved sanitation and water have been attributed to the current poverty level.

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