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10 Al Shabaab killed

KDF soldiers

10 Al shabaab militants have been killed in Lamu after engaging in a deadly shootout with Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) soldiers on Monday 24.

The soldiers recovered seven AK47 rifles and ammunition during the operation in Taksile area, North of Pandanguo in Lamu.

3 KDF officers are reported to have sustained injuries and are currently receiving medical care.

In a statement issued on Monday, the Ministry of Defence stated that the operation was as a result of extensive investigations by security personnel.

The army is in pursuit of other terrorists who fled with injuries.

” The locals are urged to participate in weeding out lurking terror elements in their midst, in order to assist in the progressive pacification of Lamu County,” read an official statement by KDF Colonel, Public Affairs, Paul Njuguna.

Lamu has in past been a hiding spot for Al shabaab militants who terrorise residents.

The fighters use the expansive Boni forest as a base for most of their operations.

Al Shabaab militants

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