About Mkarimu Radio

We are an East Afrocentric oriented online streaming station with a unique focus on promoting the Kiswahili language as a primary language of communication. At Mkarimu Radio, we believe in the power and beauty of Kiswahili and strive to elevate its presence alongside other widely spoken languages.

Established with a vision to serve the Kenyan community in the Diaspora, Mkarimu Radio has grown to become a cherished platform for connecting with our roots, culture, and fellow Kenyans living abroad. Our mission goes beyond just music; we aim to foster a sense of community, celebrate our diverse heritage, and provide a voice for our listeners worldwide.

Popular Shows on Mkarimu Radio:

  • Late Date: Tune in for a relaxing evening with Late Date, featuring soothing tunes and insightful discussions to wind down your day.
  • Mkarimu Feature Program: Dive deep into captivating stories, interviews, and discussions that highlight the richness of our culture, history, and community.
  • Songs of Praise: Lift your spirits with Songs of Praise, a soul-stirring program dedicated to gospel music that resonates with faith and spirituality.
  • Afternoon Gospel: Join us in the afternoon for uplifting gospel music and inspirational messages that nourish the soul and brighten your day.

Our Services

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Talk Shows

Day Break ( Religious Bible teaching ) Cross-Fire - (Highly contested political matters) and Social Affairs ( Daily life matters) Listen

Live Streams

Mkarimu Radio Facebook, Youtube, Streamyard and custom RTMP stream Makrimu Radio live Listen now
Tawala Radio Live Listen now
Ndereti Ya Gikuyu Live - Coming soon

Other Services

Custom scripts, banners, snippets, active campaigns and Google Ads. Custom stream channels order now
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Mkairmu Radio helps organize Community prayer sessions, seminars and workshops to empower brethren in prayer and share the basic tools of prayers

Pastor Hadassah Rosalind
Team Leader: PRI Church

Its with great passion that we engage and challenge the  worlds order of  the days in fight for equal right for Wanjiku

Ndeve Mutisya
Cross-Fire Talk Contributor

We provide the platform where every stone gets turned over for we are more about "Things That Matter" to the least citizen

Nelson Ndereva
CEO Mkairmu Media

Meet Our Team

Our great team that keep us on the move

We welcome artists, composers, and rights holders who resonate with our mission and wish to have their music played on Mkarimu Radio to submit their samples or full tracks for consideration. Please follow the submission instructions provided above to send us your music.
Disclaimer: Submitting your music to Mkarimu Radio does not guarantee that it will be played on air. Our team reviews each submission carefully and selects tracks based on various factors including quality, genre fit, and audience appeal.
Support Mkarimu Radio: If you enjoy listening to Mkarimu Radio and would like to support our efforts, you can make a donation through PayPal. Your contributions help us maintain and improve our services, allowing us to continue promoting independent artists and bringing quality music to our listeners.
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