“Things that Matter”


Our signature Talk show with Eva Malemo

This is an opportunity to thank you all for being a part of our Radio Talk Show ever since our first show in memory.

On behalf of Mkarimu Radio Team – Host : James Karanja, the Moderator : Evelyn Malemo, Co-Host and Nelson.We appreciate KCO president Mr. Gitomeh on his vast contribution relentlessly.

Thank you Hilda for great comments, Khwaka your openness on all topics.

To the guest speakers, and the random fans who call our studio. We appreciated.

We also appreciate those who participate through the conference calls and of course our beloved listeners from all over the world.

As we plan for future Talk Shows, we appreciate your opinions through all mediums and those who take the surveys prepared by the moderator, they facilitate us with data to work with.

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Mkarimu Radio Team

June 24th 2017. Starting 7.00 Pm. Mkarimu Radio bring you renown professionals to start the journey through the odds of financial stability and owning a piece of real estate regardless of the income nature. As we know Majority of people living in the Diaspora are hand working and desire to own properties however financial

burden is real.

Amb. (Prof) Jane K. Onsongo phD, Deputy Head of Mission – Ottawa and John Cheruiyot, First Counsellor / Immigration at Mkarimu Radio “Things That Matter” Talk show explaining to Eva Malemo the role of the Kenyan High Commission, their representation of Kenyan government, their services to Kenyans living in Canada and the Diaspora in general. May 6, 2017. Toronto On Canada.


Mr. Karanja on One-on_One interview with the Director of Uzima Women Group Intl at Mkarimu Radio. Visit and Support Uzima Women International website.

DEC. 17TH. Evelyn Malemo featured Edith Wambanyi of Uzima Women International. Earlier Mr. Karanja and Nelson had an hour talk with Mother of the upcoming teen start Nishaa Ram.

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