About Us

We are licensed under the SOCAN “Licensed to Play” program

Mkarimu Radio was stated for the purpose to connect the East Africa communities in the Diaspora.

Previously there was no such network for East Afrocentric oriented station and for this reason we are aiming to promote Kiswahili language on top the universal English. However, cultural and community segment are still a part of our “Feature Programs”.

Our studio opens doors to all walks of life, this is my passion and the way we enthusiastically serve my community. Partners and supporters enable me to carry this informative, educative and entertaining task as I engage with all those who knock in our doors.

Mkarimu Radio Team
Nelson Ndereva has knowledge in html and Java programming as well as extensively worked with emails and internet in his Business in Kenya.Studied computer networking in Philadelphia in 1998 and George Brown college. Nelson is the Director of operations at Mkarimu Radio and the coordinator of Mkarimu Radio Talk show. info@mkarimu.net

James Karanja has wide knowledge of academic literature and administration having worked for the Toronto Library services for over 20 years. His leadership skill has been recognized both by his employer and within the Kenya-Canadian communities. James is skilled video editor and a great historian. His “Ndereti ya Gikuyu” program was widely accepted by the Kenyan Kikuyu community for revitalizing their roots and customs. James is the Director of programming and the Host of Mkarimu radio talk show. programing@mkarimu.net

Evelyn Malemo is a talented talk show moderator. She has performed on the stage, behind the scenes and other roles in entertainments and festivals for some several years. Eva’s energy, vibrant personality and stage experience have led her to a career in media. Her presence at Mkarimu radio has sparked a new wave of enthusiasm in radio broadcasting. She is a Talk Show Moderator and Program developer at Mkarimu Radio. Email: suggestions@mkarimu.net

Mkarimu Radio Team.